Regional Wildflower Sampler Set

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Try Our Wildflower Honey Sampler Set

When you're talking about honey, the term wildflower simply means the foraging bees have collected nectar from any of the available nectar sources surrounding the hive.  The taste of the resulting honey is a true reflection of the floral world in their foraging radius.  The nectar collected from the flowers, and even the mineral content of the soil will inform the characteristics of the honey.  Everything from the flavor, color, types of sugars present, and even crystallization-rate will change from honey to honey.  Since each jar of honey is representative of a snapshot in time, that is, what was blooming at the time the bee's collected the nectar, the color and flavor of the honey will change throughout the seasons with the flowers in bloom.

The regional wildflower sampler set is a great way to sample different regional wildflowers!  The sampler set includes wildflower honey from the South (SC), the Mid-Atlantic region (PA), and New England (NH).


Bee Fact: It takes 24 days for drone bees to fully develop from an egg to adult bee, and only 21 days for their worker bee counterparts to develop.  Despite her increased size and egg-laying ability, the queen bee only takes 16 days to fully develop!