Charleston Raw Honey | Local Raw Honey South Carolina

The Beekeeper Partners for the Lowcountry

As a partner of beekeepers in the Lowcountry, Apis Mercantile is a premier supplier of local Charleston honey. Our Southern Wildflower honey is a taste of Charleston; it is sweet and complex, a reflection of the local flora in Charleston and the surrounding areas. With its elegant aroma, delicious taste and outstanding health benefits, our Southern Wildflower honey is a favorite local raw honey in Charleston, South Carolina.

Raw honey is made by extracting honey from the honeycomb and pouring it through mesh to separate it from impurities; this differs from commercial honey that is commonly purchased in supermarkets, which goes through several other processes prior to bottling. Raw honey is significantly more nutritious because it does not go through heavy processing methods. Apis Mercantile is proud to offer Charleston raw honey that provides tremendous health benefits to the community.

The Southern Wildflower Flavor

Our Charleston raw honey has a robust, sweet flavor. Interestingly, the flavor will vary slightly from season to season because the flavor stems from the nectar source, which varies depending on what is in bloom. The flavor of our Southern Wildflower honey lends itself well to use in barbeque sauces or braises, Asian food preparations, baked goods, salad dressings, and of course as a sweetener for tea.

Why local raw honey from Charleston?

For years, honey has been a pantry staple, commonly used as a natural sweetener in tea or to fight off a sore throat. However, the benefits of Charleston local raw honey extend way past its most common benefits, as honey is an antioxidant that has been used for medicinal purposes for decades. Local raw honey has a tremendous amount of day-to-day health benefits, including the following:



Allergy season is rough in Charleston; raw local honey acts as an anti-allergen by reducing inflammation and stabilizing the cell membranes that trigger reactions.


The addition of honey and salt to water can restore electrolytes and increase energy by rehydrating the body to fuel athletic performance.


When applied topically to cuts or burns, honey works to kill bacteria and disinfect the wound. It also acts as a natural bandage when it dries.


As an antibacterial, honey helps to balance the bacteria in skin making it a prime candidate for a natural acne treatment. It is also a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin.


As a prebiotic, honey works to promote a healthy gut by nourishing the good bacteria in the intestines, which is imperative for digestion and overall health.


Consuming a spoonful of honey in tea or on its own at bedtime will help the body and mind relax, to promote a restful, rejuvenative sleep.


Why Apis Mercantile? 

We started Apis Mercantile because of our passion for honey and hemp, stemming from our college days when we started caring for our first beehives at our downtown Charleston home. Since then, we have grown in our love for our products. Our passion and dedication is what drives us to develop Charleston local raw honey that is beloved by our South Carolina community; it is a joy and privilege to be able to share our love for raw honey and its benefits with the Lowcountry.