Mid-Atlantic Wildflower

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Each jar of wildflower honey is the result of the collective effort of thousands of honeybees working in concert to collect and refine nectar into honey.  The flavor and the color of the honey will vary with the seasons as the available nectar sources change.  Every quality of honey, the flavor, color, mineral content, and crystallization rate, are all dependent on the floral world from which the bees collected to produce the honey.

Our Mid-Atlantic wildflower honey is sourced from our partner beekeeper in Washington County, Pennsylvania who operates several bee yards throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Honey Fact: Eating honey from the region in which you live has been said to help with seasonal allergies.  By eating honey local to your area, you're slowly introducing pollen to your system that would otherwise be an irritant.  This helps your body to better cope when there is an abundance of pollen in the air.