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Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey

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The Popular Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is one of the most sought after honey varietals in the world. Renowned for its delicate flavor, tupelo honey is produced by honeybees along the banks of rivers and swamps in south Georgia and Northwest Florida. Although the white gum tupelo tree can be found as far north as South Carolina, it grows most densely along the banks of the Ogeechee, Altamaha, and Suwannee Rivers of south Georgia and northern Florida.

Each year, the tupelo tree blossoms for a remarkably brief period; sometimes, for as little as two weeks. Tupelo honey truly is Southern Gold. With a rich, buttery, floral flavor, tupelo honey is the gold standard for many honey connoisseurs.

Honey Fact: Over time, most honey will crystallize. Basically, honey is an unstable solution oversaturated with sugar. While there are many types of sugar, honey is mostly comprised of fructose and glucose. The more glucose sugar in honey, the faster it will crystallize. Tupelo is almost entirely fructose honey, so it is extremely slow to crystallize if it ever does at all!


USA honey, high wire distilling co. bourbon

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