Bourbon Barrel-Aged Orange Blossom Honey
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Orange Blossom Honey

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Orange Blossom Honey

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We've partnered with High Wire Distilling Co. in Charleston, SC to source charred White American Oak barrels still-wet with bourbon and used them to age our Orange Blossom honey for over three months.  After aging, the honey is left with an oaky, bourbon flavor that will bring your cocktails and recipes to the next level!

What's unique about our partnership with High Wire Distilling?

Like Apis Mercantile, High Wire Distilling is a mission-driven company. High Wire Distilling utilizes Jimmy Red Corn to make their bourbon, which gives their spirits a unique flavor that is distinctly Southern.  Most bourbons are made with Yellow Corn, which is grown and bred as a commodity crop and is prized for its high yields.  For nearly a century, Jimmy Red Corn was used by bootleggers and moonshiners. In the early 2000s, the variety nearly went extinct, and only a couple of ears of the Jimmy Red Corn variety remained.  Thanks to the efforts of Ted Chewning, Scott Blackwell, co-founder of High Wire Distilling, and Sean Brock, renowned chef, Jimmy Red Corn has seen a revival.

High Wire Distilling has been making Jimmy Red Corn bourbon since 2014, and we are honored to utilize their still-wet Jimmy Red barrels to make our bourbon barrel-aged honey!

Apis Mercantile x High Wire Distilling Co.

Jimmy Red Corn

Jimmy Red Corn: Revival Heirloom Grain

     For nearly a century, Jimmy Red Corn was a prized crop all across the South and was well-known in bootlegger and moonshiner circles as a favored grain for mash and among farmers for its flavorful grits. Although the corn originated in Appalachia, it made its way to Charleston, SC, where it grew on many of the sea islands in the area. 

     Eventually, Jimmy Red Corn fell out of favor as Yellow Corn became the predominant corn varietal, and as the bootleggers and moonshiners of the days of old started to die off, so did knowledge of Jimmy Red Corn.  In the early 2000s, the corn nearly went extinct when the last-known moonshiner growing the corn died.  Thankfully, a couple ears of corn from the moonshiners farm were saved and given to Ted Chewning, a farmer in the Charleston area.  From those two ears of corn, Ted and a contingent of people invested in the history of the heirloom grain, including famed chef Sean Brock and Charleston-based distiller Scott Blackwell, brought the grain back from the edge of obscurity.

     Today, several farmers across the state of South Carolina are growing Jimmy Red Corn and its used to create grits, bourbon, and now, bourbon barrel-aged honey!  We're proud to join a lengthy tradition of Southern producers utilizing Jimmy Red Corn.

High Wire Distilling Co. Bee's Knees Cocktail

bring on the boldness

add it to drinks

Ever add bourbon to more bourbon?  Sounds pretty good, am I right?

booze up breakfast

Add bourbon honey to some biscuits, bacon, or toast to start your day with a little bourbon without the judgemental stares!

South in your mouth

Jimmy Red corn was prized by Southern bootleggers and moonshiners.  Grown all over the Sea Islands of South Carolina, it's a true Southern tradition.

try on watermelon

Because why the hell not?  Give me one good reason you couldn't put it on watermelon, and I'll eat my shoe.

what the people are saying

What a cool product!  The history is so interesting, I am in love with this company and their mission!

- Scott

Jimmy Red Corn is where it's at!

- Sean B.

Add bourbon to honey?  What's not to like??

- Ryan B.

Bourbon barrel-aged honey is my new go to honey!

- Jen C.

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