Apis Mercantile's: The Buzzin' Betty
Bloody Mary's Funky Sister 

Are you ready to get funky?

We sure hope so! 

The Flavorful Funk of Fermentation is popping in our garden-fresh take on the classic Bloody Mary. Farm-fresh tomatillos meet our new Fermented Garlic Honey for a savory sipping treat. We only source from small apiaries around the Southeastern region with the goal to bring a positive impact to our beekeeping community. 

This recipe is perfect for summer time porch sipping or pack it in a cooler and take it to the pool for a refreshing buzz!

Ingredient List (serves 4):

The Buzzin' Betty Mix:
(2) tbs Apis Mercantile's Fermented Garlic Honey
(6) quartered tomatillos, outer skins removed
Juice of (1) lime
(1) cup of filtered water
(1) pinch of sea salt
(1) fresh jalapeno
(1 tsp) fresh chopped ginger
(½ cup) fresh chopped cilantro or parsley
(1) tbs horseradish
(½ tsp) ground coriander

Salt rim:
(1) tbs of Burlap & Barrel’s Black Lime
(1) tbs of Bull’s Bay Saltworks Carolina Margarita Salt

(2oz) High Wire Distilling Co. Hometown Vodka per cocktail

(1) strip of crispy bacon
(1) strip of fresh jicama
(1) stalk fresh dill
(1) organic raw carrot
(1) bunch of Heron Farms Sea Beans


1. Add mix ingredients together in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Strain to remove tomatillo seeds. Can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator for up to (5) days.

2. Prepare salt rim ingredients by combining (1) tbs of Burlap & Barrel’s Black Lime with (1) tbs of Bull’s Bay Saltworks Carolina Margarita Salt. Pour salt rim mixture into a shallow dish.

3. Prep your glass by running a juicy lime wedge around the rim of highball glass, then dip the rim in salt mixture.

4. Pour The Buzzin' Betty mix into a highball glass over ice, stir in (2oz) High Wire Distilling Co. Hometown Vodka per cocktail.

5. Garnish with bacon, jicama, dill, carrot and Heron Farms Sea Beans

6. Serve and enjoy!