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Apis Mercantile's involvement with The Warrior Surf Foundation

One of the driving inspirations behind Apis Mercantile was and continues to be finding ways to better our community by sharing our passions with them.  Around the office, we always tell each other to “bee better.” This entails not only our constant strive to bee better every day in our own lives, but also to help the lives of others and our community to bee a better place!  To achieve this goal, a couple of years ago we backed an extraordinary organization whose mission has personally affected our own lives called the Warrior Surf Foundation.


The Warrior Surf Foundation which was founded in Folly Beach, SC in May 2015 is a surf therapy program that strives to enhance the psychological and physical well being of military veterans, active duty service members, and their families through the experience of surfing, yoga, and community.  Warrior is an incredibly special organization because they provide veterans with an opportunity to master new challenging and rewarding skills such as surfing and yoga in group environments. This establishes a sense of community for people with psychological and or physical disabilities to connect and feel a sense of belonging with one another.  


“My two younger brothers enlisted in different branches of the military.  Between my love for surfing and respect for veterans, working with Warrior Surf Foundation was a no-brainer.  Many of their members and volunteers have become friends of mine over the years. I regularly surf with many of them on Folly Beach.” - Liam Becker, Apis Mercantile’s Co-Founder. 


Apis Mercantile is proud to support organizations like Warrior Surf Foundation that are committed to making a difference in their community.  We're all in this together, and supporting organizations that seek to affect change in vulnerable and marginalized communities is part of the life-blood of our brand.  It truly takes a hive.  It’s an honor to be able to work with such a great organization of veterans and their families.  Through organizations like Warrior Surf Foundation, our community can provide support to those that need it the most.


Be sure to read more about Warrior Surf Foundation, and consider supporting their cause!

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