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What's the deal with honey prices?

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while at an event or through a customer service email, we’ll hear, “Why is your honey so expensive?  I can get a plastic honey bear bottle at the grocery store for practically nothing!” The answer is simple: it’s real honey from domestic beekeepers that we know and trust.  With the rise in popularity of major food documentaries like Rotten on Netflix, customers are becoming more discerning in their food purchasing decisions, and the demand for authentic honey that can be traced back to the hive responsible for its production is increasing.  It’s a real turning point for the honey business where dishonesty and questionable sourcing and bottling practices have long ruled...

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How much honey should I rob from my hive?

Most beekeepers keep bees because they will ultimately harvest the sweet spoils of honeybee stewardship: honey.  One of the most common questions new beekeepers will ask is, “how much honey can I take from the hive?”  It’s a complicated question, and the answer is largely dependent on a number of factors including geographic location, overall climate, bloom schedule, and size of the colony.  Although the answer can be complex, I’ll do my best to explain a bit of the beekeeper’s calendar throughout the year and how much honey might be available to rob from a hive. The entire reason bees produce honey is to use it as a food source during the wintertime when there is a dearth in available...

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