Delta 8 THC -- The New Cannabinoid on the Block

Delta 8 THC -- The New Cannabinoid on the Block

In the hemp scene, there’s a new cannabinoid that is claiming most of the press as of late: delta 8 THC.  With extraction labs developing new processes, we’ve seen new, isolated, cannabinoids hitting the market at a faster pace than ever before, and delta 8 THC is the latest cannabinoid to gain traction in the hemp industry.

What exactly is delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC or Δ8-tetrahydrocannabinol is closely related to a cannabinoid found in higher concentrations in marijuana: Δ9 THC.  Although closely related, their extraction method differs dramatically. Δ9 THC occurs in great abundance in marijuana; in fact, over the last several decades, marijuana has been selectively bred to increase the overall Δ9 THC concentration.  Hemp, however, has a significantly lower level of Δ9 THC.  To be federally compliant, hemp must not exceed 0.3% Δ9 THC on a dry weight basis.  Δ8 THC, like its structurally similar counterpart, is also found to be naturally occurring in small concentrations in the hemp plant.  Although it is found in only small amounts, it's possible to convert both CBD and CBG into Δ8 THC.  With its structural similarity to the Δ9 THC found in higher concentrations in marijuana, it will have similar effects when consumed.

How is Δ8 THC different from Δ9 THC?

The two compounds are structurally very similar; which allows for those consuming Δ8 THC products to feel similar effects that one would expect when consuming a product high in Δ9 THC.  However, most users have described the effects of Δ8 as being less intense--a “weed light.”  To be sure, most people report feeling euphoric and it can certainly stimulate appetite, but it's noticeably less intense.  With so many strong heady Δ9 THC products available these days, Δ8 THC products might just be the perfect product for you!

What Δ8 THC products do you offer?

We are big believers in the idea that cannabinoids work best when consumed in conjunction with one another.  We have a 2:1 Δ8:CBD tincture, which has become one of our customer favorites.  It’s perfect for use in social settings, before bed, and even pre- or post-workout.  In addition to the tincture, we also have a full-spectrum terpene enriched Δ8 distillate 510 threaded vape cartridge.  Each cartridge contains over 90% Δ8 and also includes CBD and CBG. Without a doubt, the cartridges are our best-selling product.

Since Δ8 THC is such a new cannabinoid, there isn’t much available research; however, with its similarity to Δ9 THC, it guarantees to fill a void left in states with restrictive marijuana laws.  Δ8 THC is the newest cannabinoid to hit the scene, and it’s definitely one you want to try!

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